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We are excited to help you navigate and optimize your technological environment with our diverse range of products. This documentation is your comprehensive resource, offering everything from quick setup instructions to deep dives into advanced concepts. Whether you're installing our solution in your system for the first time, looking to enhance functionality, or aiming to understand the core principles behind our solutions and semantic technologies, you’ll find what you need here.

🌐 ENAPSO together Free Platform

Discover the specifics of the ENAPSO together Free platform, designed for efficient graph database model and data management. Explore detailed guides to maximize the platform's potential.

🚀 Getting Started

Jumpstart your journey with the ENAPSO together free platform. Learn installation, configuration, and how to populate your graph database repository with initial data. Start here if you’re new to the platform or need a refresher on the basics.
🔍 Getting Started Guide.

🔄 Backup and Restore

Protect and recover your data with ease. Our straightforward backup and restore guidelines ensure your data is safe and recoverable, minimizing downtime and maintaining data integrity.
💾 Backup and Restore Instructions.

🔗Creating REST APIs

Extend the functionality of your platform by integrating RESTful APIs. This guide will show you how to set up and manage these APIs to make your database more interactive and accessible.
⚙️ REST API Creation Guide.

📚 Key Articles and Resources

Deepen your understanding of key concepts and technologies with our curated articles. These resources, available in English and German, provide valuable insights and practical knowledge.

🧬 Semantic Single Source of Truth (SSOT)

Part 1: Fundamentals

  • English: Dive into the fundamentals of the SSOT concept and understand its importance in ensuring data consistency across your organization.
    📖 Read the article here.

  • German: Erfahren Sie die Grundlagen des SSOT-Konzepts und verstehen Sie dessen Bedeutung für die Sicherstellung der Datenkonsistenz in Ihrem Unternehmen.
    📖 Den Artikel finden Sie hier.

Part 2: Reference Model

🔍 Semantic Web

Part 1: Working with Knowledge Instead of Data

  • English: Dive into the fundamentals of semantic web technologies and discover how they transform raw data into meaningful knowledge, enhancing developer capabilities beyond traditional SQL and NoSQL databases.
    📗 Read the article here.

  • German: Tauchen Sie in die Grundlagen der Semantik-Web-Technologien ein und entdecken Sie, wie sie Rohdaten in bedeutungsvolles Wissen verwandeln und die Fähigkeiten von Entwicklern über herkömmliche SQL- und NoSQL-Datenbanken hinaus erweitern.
    📗 Den Artikel finden Sie hier.

🆘 Need Assistance?

For additional support or specific inquiries, please email us at support@innotrade.de. We’re here to help ensure you make the most of our products.

📄 Summary

This documentation is your starting point for all things related to ENAPSO. Whether you're setting up for the first time, securing your data, or deepening your knowledge of key concepts, the necessary resources are just a click away. Explore the links above to dive deeper into each topic.





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